The Department of Electrical Engineering was started from JULY 2016 with the intake of 75 students at DIPLOMA level. At present there are 4 qualified and experienced faculties in the Department.

Vision-To become one of the leading department in the institute as well national level. The electrical engineering program is designed to provide its students a solid educational foundation on which they can build successful and sustainable careers in electrical engineering or in a related field.

  1. To make the students learn Electrical engineering and Professional skills have field applications.
  2. To create an environment of lifelong learning through innovations, research and development.
  3. To create sense of responsibility, discipline and interest in various activities ultimately leading to service to the society.

The department has 6 major laboratories

  1. Control System Laboratory.
  2. Power Electronics Laboratory.
  3. Computer Simulation Laboratory.
  4. Electrical Measurement Laboratory.
  5. Electrical Machines Laboratory.
  6. Testing and Calibration Facilities.