Mining is the activity concerned with the extraction of minerals whereas mining engineering is the practice of applying engineering principles to planning, development, operation, closure and reclamation of mines. Mining industry is in the lime light today, because it provides most of the raw materials required for the ever increasing demands of the society with regard to infrastructure, goods, services and energy. The Department of Mining Engineering specializes in Mining Technology, Geomechanics and Strata Control, Mine Environment and Safety Engineering, Clean Coal Technology, Mine Planning, Mie Surveying, Mining Geology and Hydrologeology.


To become a leading institution in its field and nationally recognized through educational and training programs. These programs emphasize applications and the development of new technology in understanding and safe management of Earth and its resources. The department strives to foster an environment in which students learn to think, conduct research, apply knowledge, and achieve success in a diverse and changing global economy.

  • To prepare students to understand and safely manage Earth and its resources for the future.
  • To form engineers with a systemic approach for solving society needs and problems, contributing to the progress of the country, the defense of the environment, and the affirmation of our national identity.

The department has 8 major laboratories

Name of Lab
1. Rock Mechanics
2. Simulation
3. Mine Environment
4. Mine Surveying
5. Computer Laboratory
6. Mineral Dressing
7. Blasting Engineering
7. Mining Machinery